Social media

Which of these Social Media touchpoints are most relevant to your business right now?

“Do I need Twitter?”

  • Great for news items and snippets of information (140 characters max) if your business sells direct to consumers, or to businesses.
  • You have a handle (eg @Touchpoints_UK) and tweet to other people using their handles.
  • You can use hashtags # to help people to find your topic (See #Polling and #Vote in the tweet below)
  • Can include links and images

Click here to learn Twitter basics

Twitter social media profile

“Do I need Instagram?”

  • Simple square images in block format that show an element of lifestyle and give a flavour to what you’re about
  • If your target audience is aged between 19-31yrs then you should be channelling energy here
  • People can ‘follow’ your images, they can also ‘like’ and ‘comment’ too

Set up an account and find out more about Instagram here

SME Touchpoints Instagram profile

“Do I need Facebook?”

  • Pages are relevant for businesses who want to spread messages to consumers directly.
  • Adverts can boost your visibility to selected demographics – quite reasonably priced.
  • No limit on word count, although steer clear of waffling. Add images and links as necessary.
  • Receiving Likes and Comments gives you instant feedback on your posts.

Find out more about setting up a Page for your business on Facebook

SME Touchpoints Facebook profile