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Here are some of the main calendar events and awareness days that you need to know about in January 2024

They might form the basis of a blog post, a social media campaign, an email, or even a limited edition product or service for your business.

As well as dry January, there is also the polar opposite 'Gin-uary!' Another month-long challenge is Veganuary, removing the consumption of meat and dairy.

Which of these will work for your business this month? What will your customers be interested to learn more about?

Specific Dates for marketing in January are...

  • 1st - New Year’s Day*
  • 1st - Braille Literacy Month
  • 2nd - Introvert Day
  • 2nd - National Science Fiction Day
  • 3rd – Festival of Sleep Day*
  • 3rd – International mind-body wellness day
  • 4th – World braille day
  • 5th – Twelfth Night
  • 10th – National take the stairs day
  • 13th – Make your dream come true day
  • 13th – St Hilary’s Feast Day
  • 14th – National vision board day
  • 15th – Blue Monday
  • 15th – Martin Luther King Day
  • 17th - International Mentoring Day
  • 17th – Ditch the new years resolutions day.
  • 17th – Kid Inventors Day*
  • 18th – Winnie the Pooh Day*
  • 18th – Get to know your customers day
  • 20th – Cheese Lover’s Day
  • 21st – National Hugging Day
  • 21st - Red Squirrel Appreciation Day
  • 23rd – National Pie Day
  • 23rd – Speak up and Succeed Day
  • 22nd-26th – Farmhouse Breakfast Week
  • 24th - International Day of Education
  • 25th – Burn’s Night*
  • 26th - Australia Day
  • 26th – National fun at work day
  • 27th to 4th Feb - National Storytelling Week
  • 28th – International Lego Day
  • 28th – International reducing CO2 Emissions Day
  • 28th – Global Community Engagement Day
  • 31st – International Zebra Day

(*Denotes it's the same date every year.)

January Marketing Calendar

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