July is the month for heading to the coast and enjoying the sunshine!

It’s also a month long celebration of:

  • Picnics (National Picnic Month)
  • Ice Cream (National Ice Cream Month)
  • Talking (The Samaritans have a month-long ‘Talk To Us’ Campaign)
  • Plastic Free awareness month (lots of ideas here.)
  • Well dressings are popular where I live.

And if you’re a sports fan, well you might want to block out 10th July for the men’s final of Wimbledon and the British Open Golf Championship.

Let’s see what else is happening this July, so that you can plan your marketing calendar, sort out your social media schedule, create a relevant blog or even consider a limited edition product or service…

Specific Dates for your July marketing calendar are…

1st – International Reggae Day in Jamaica.
1st – Canada Day.
1st – Tour de France starts.
2nd – International day of Cooperatives – United Nations.
3rd – International Plastic Bag Free Day.
3rd – UEFA Woman’s Euro 2022 begin.
3rd – Henley Royal Regatta Finals.
4th – Barbecue Day.
4th Independent Retailers Day – UK
4th – Independence Day USA.
6th – Fried Chicken Day.
7th – Global Forgiveness Day.
7th – World Chocolate Day.
7th to 12th – Hajj
8th – The school uniform search begins.
9th to 13th – Eid al Adha (expected to be between these dates)
10th – Wimbledon Final
10th – British Open Golf Championships.
10th – Global Energy Independence Day.
11th – World Pollution Day.
11th – ‘Graduation’ online searches peak.
12th – New Conversations Day.
13th – Fries Day.
15th – Graduation hairstyle searches peek.
15th – World Youth Skills Day.
17th – World Emoji Day.
18th – Mandela Day*
19th – Daquiri Day.
20th – Moon Day / Space Exploration Day.
21st – Junk Food Day.
21st – Summer holidays begin.
22nd – Hammock Day.
24th – National Tequila Day.
24th – International self-care day.
25th – Wine and Cheese Day.
25th – Parents’ Day.
27th Norfolk Day. 
27th – Scotch Whiskey Day. 
28th – Milk Chocolate Day
28th – Commonwealth Games begin.
29th – International Tiger Day.
29th – Rain Day.
30th – International Day of Friendship.
(*Denotes it’s the same date every year.)

Here’s a list from the Visit England website with some more events that take place in July.

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