July is the month for heading to the coast and enjoying the sunshine!

It’s also a month long celebration of:

  • Picnics (National Picnic Month)
  • Ice Cream (National Ice Cream Month)
  • Talking (The Samaritans have a month-long ‘Talk To Us’ Campaign)
  • Plastic Free awareness month (lots of ideas here.)
  • Well dressings are popular where I live

Let’s see what else is happening this July, so that you can plan your marketing calendar, sort out your social media schedule, create a relevant blog or even consider a limited edition product or service..

Specific Dates for your July marketing calendar are…

  • 28th June to 2nd July – Eid al Adha (expected to be between these dates)
  • 1st – International Reggae Day in Jamaica.
  • 1st – Canada Day.
  • 1st – Tour de France starts.
  • 1st – International Joke Day
  • 2nd – International day of Cooperatives – United Nations.
  • 3rd – International Plastic Bag Free Day.
  • 4th – Barbecue Day.
  • 4th – Independence Day USA.
  • 6th – Fried Chicken Day.
  • 7th – Global Forgiveness Day.
  • 7th – World Chocolate Day.
  • 8th – The school uniform search begins.
  • 10th – Global Energy Independence Day.
  • 11th – World Population Day.
  • 11th – ‘Graduation’ online searches peak.
  • 12th – New Conversations Day.
  • 13th – Fries Day.
  • 14th – Shark Awareness Day
  • 15th – Graduation hairstyle searches peek.
  • 15th – World Youth Skills Day.
  • 17th – World Emoji Day.
  • 18th – Mandela Day*
  • 19th – Daquiri Day.
  • 20th – Moon Day / Space Exploration Day.
  • 20th to 20th Aug – FIFA Women’s World Cup
  • 20th – Get to know your Customers Day
  • 20th – World Chess Day
  • 21st – Junk Food Day.
  • 21st – Summer holidays begin.
  • 22nd – Hammock Day
  • 23rd – Parents’ Day
  • 24th – National Tequila Day.
  • 24th – International self-care day.
  • 25th – Wine and Cheese Day.
  • 27th – Norfolk Day. 
  • 27th – Scotch Whiskey Day
  • 28th – Milk Chocolate Day
  • 29th – International Tiger Day.
  • 29th – Rain Day.
  • 30th – International Day of Friendship.
(*Denotes it’s the same date every year.

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