Struggling for content inspiration in the month ahead? Get ready to kick off the new month with these awesome marketing ideas to leave you feeling motivated!

We’re coming up to a very important time of the year for many businesses, with events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as well as Christmas starting to creep up on us.

The month of November celebrates World Vegan Month, and its also know for highlighting the awareness of Epilepsy.

Movember is also a key event this month, where men grow beards to raise money for Prostate and Testicular Cancer, but also Men's Suicide Prevention too.

So, here it is... we've carefully curated lots of other occasions this month that you can plan your marketing calendar around them.

Specific Dates for marketing in November are...

1st – World Vegan Day*

1st - Islamophobia Awareness Month

1st - International Stress awareness Week

3rd – World Sandwich Day
3rd – World Jellyfish Day
4th – Use your Common Sense Day
5th – Guy Fawkes Night (Bonfire night)*

6th - Stress Awareness Day
6th – National Saxophone Day
8th – National STEM/STEAM Day (Art is a new addition!)
9th – World Quality Day

10th - Inter-faith Week
11th – Remembrance Day*
11th – Singles Day (Goodbye Valentine’s Day hello Singles Day!)
12th – Diwali
12th – Remembrance Sunday
13th – World Kindness Day
13th to 17th – Anti Bullying Week

13th - Transgender Awareness Week

14th - World Diabetes Day
15th – National Recycling Day
15th – Steve Irwin Day
16th - World Philosophy Day
17th – International Students Day
17th – World Prematurity Day
17th – Children in Need

18th – Princess Day
19th – International Men’s Day*
19th to 25th – Road Safety Week
20th – Universal Children’s Day
21st – World HELLO Day 🙂
21st – Entrepreneurs Day
21st – World Television Day
23rd – Espresso Day
23rd – Thanksgiving
24th – Black Friday
24th – Buy Nothing Day
25th – Small Business Saturday
28th – National Day of Giving
30th – St Andrew’s Day* (Patron Saint of Scotland)
30th – National Computer Security Day
(*Denotes it’s the same date every year.)

November Marketing Calendar

Our aim is to make it easier to plan ahead for your social media schedule, create a relevant blog that speaks to your audience about something from this list, or even consider a limited edition product or service to capitalise on an event!

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