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Touchpoints Marketing is a team of 6. Here’s Vic, Stef, Jess, Jade, Phil and Angela.

We support Managing Directors with their entrepreneurial businesses with fun and engaging strategy sessions and creative monthly marketing activities.


"Marketing (done well) will supercharge your business. I’ve been there myself, launched concepts into the marketplace and seen them flourish."


"Our innovative approach allows employees and clients to reach their full potential. What I love most about Touchpoints is how we can be our true selves and are open to the expression of new ideas and ways of working"


"At Touchpoints, we ensure we provide the most positive environment for our clients and always give 100%. We have an amazing team and great support from each other."


"Our team definitely has one aim and that is to supercharge others' businesses to build others up to the best they can be."


"I love number crunching, so my role at Touchpoints means I’m behind the scenes ensuring that the accounts are always up to date. That helps the team to make strategic decisions for the business."


"At Touchpoints Marketing we thrive when we support our clients to accomplish their goals and reach their full potential. Working with ambitious and driven people is what I love most!"

4 Core values we believe in


We create clarity & transformation: Our customers leave every session with more clarity in their business vision. They tell us that we make them feel like a million light bulbs have turned on. They have learnt new things with their time with us and are ready to put tasks into action to transform their businesses.


We make business owners smile: Through bubbly, warm and fun personalities, we bring energising sessions to the table. We take our customers on an adventure; an exploration of what is possible. Our customer’s personal and business goals become our goals, to achieve together.


We build trust and confidence: Customers trust us with their most precious commodities (energy, time and money) and private information about themselves and their businesses. In return, we have a trusted seat ‘inside’ their team which enables us to build their confidence in themselves and the marketing of their business.


We can nurture when needed: When it’s time to get more serious, or react to an emergency marketing question or business decision, we’re there to hold our customer’s hands and reassure them through any rocky moments to the other side.

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