When I stopped to consider August’s Marketing Calendar, I had a flashback to the warm summer days of haymaking with my family in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside.

(Yep, that’s me on the tyre swing… wheeee!)

On top of the sunshine and summer vibes, August is also Black business Month, a time to acknowledge & appreciate black-owned businesses!

Then, I thought about what summer means to my customers.

They are in the swing of catering for holidaymakers in the UK, launching healthy food products and supporting other businesses (B2B) with holiday staff, growth and legal aspects.

So, in my August’s Marketing Calendar, I’ve considered what’s happening this month that you can plan your marketing calendar around.

Specific Dates for marketing in August are…

  • 1st –Yorkshire Day*
  • 1st – National Girlfriend Day
  • 1st – Planner Day*
  • 5th – Blogger Day*
  • 5th – International Beer Day
  • 5th – Oyster Day
  • 7th – 13th National Farmers Market Week
  • 8th – International Cat Day*
  • 8th – Global Sleep Under the Stars Night
  • 8-14th – Afternoon Tea Week
  • 9th – National Book Lovers Day
  • 9th – 17th – Elvis week
  • 10th – National Lazy Day
  • 10th – Vlogging Day (How to vlog)
  • 10th – World Calligraphy Day
  • 11th – Son and Daughter Day
  • 12th – UN International Youth Day*
  • 13th – Left Hander’s Day
  • 13th – Prosecco Day*
  • 16th – National Rum Day
  • 17th – Non-Profit Day
  • 18th – Never Give Up Day
  • 19th – World Photography Day
  • 25th – Franchise Appreciation Day
  • 26th – 28th – Reading Music Festival
  • 26th – Women’s Equality Day
  • 26th – International Dog Day
  • 27th to 29th – Notting Hill Carnival
  • 30th – Toasted Marshmallow Day*

(*Denotes it’s the same date every year.)

Random fact: 

August is also know as Peach Month – who knew?

When Reagan was POTUS, he proclaimed August “Peach Month” and recommended that the people of the United States should incorporate this nutritious fruit into their diets!

August Marketing Calendar

Our aim is to make it easier to plan ahead for your social media schedule, create a relevant blog that speaks to your audience about something from this list, or even consider a limited edition product or service to capitalise on an event!

If you want some help with this, please book a call.