Here’s the June marketing calendar full of fresh dates ready for you to be inspired by this month.

The month of June is seen as the first month of the summer season, with long days and good times ahead.

June is also known as Pride month, the perfect time to show your support for the community, as well as creating huge opportunities for your business. Check out these tips for a successful Pride Month marketing campaign.

Here’s our list of some inspirational days throughout the month of June which you can easily implement into your marketing calendar.

Specific Dates for marketing in June are…

  • 1st – Say Something Nice Day*
  • 1st – World Milk Day
  • 1st – Global Day of Parents
  • 2nd – Global Running Day
  • 2nd – National Fish and Chips Day
  • 3rd – World Bicycle Day
  • 4th – National Cheese Day*
  • 4th – National Bubbly Day
  • 4th – National Cancer Survivors Day
  • 5th – World Environment Day
  • 5th to 11th- Child Safety Week
  • 5th to 18th – US Open Golf
  • 6th – D-Day *
  • 6th – Drive-In Movie Day
  • 7th – Global Running Day
  • 7th – National Chocolate Ice Cream Day*
  • 8th – National Best Friend Day*
  • 8th – World Ocean Day
  • 10th – National Ballpoint Pen Day*
  • 11th – National Making Life Beautiful Day*
  • 13th – National Acts Of Light Day
  • 14th – Flag Day
  • 18th – National Cherry Tart Day*
  • 18th – Father’s Day in the UK
  • 19th – Juneteenth Independence Day
  • 21st – National Daylight Appreciation Day*
  • 21st – Make Music Day
  • 21st – World Giraffe Day
  • 21st – June Solstice / First Day of Summer
  • 22nd – National Chocolate Éclair Day*
  • 23rd – National Pink Day*
  • 23rd – Take Your Dog To Work Day
  • 23rd – International Woman in Engineering Day
  • 24th – World Refill Day
  • 26th to 1st July – Hajj
  • 27th – National Sunglasses Day*
  • 27th – National PTSD Awareness Day*
  • 28th to 2nd July – Eid al Adha (expected to between these dates)
  • 29th – National Camera Day*
  • 30th – National Meteor Watch Day*
  • 30th – Social Media Day*

(*Denotes it’s the same date every year.)

June Marketing Calendar

My aim is to make it easier to plan ahead for a social media schedule, create a relevant blog post that speaks to your audience or even consider a limited edition product or service to capitalise on an event!

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