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Spooky bike Marketing Tips

October Marketing Calendar

Here’s your October Marketing Calendar; featuring all the things you should be aware of when it comes to marketing this month.

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September Marketing Tips

September Marketing Calendar

Here’s your September Marketing Calendar, full of ideas and inspiration in the month ahead.

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Christmas shop window Marketing Tips

Christmas in July: Retail marketing tips.

It may feel like we’ve just had Christmas; but as we’re in July it’s only around the corner – at least in retail terms. Here’s a guide to make sure your start-up business has covered all the essentials.

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Checklist Marketing Tips

How do I write a marketing strategy?

Creating a marketing strategy is fundamental to any new business launch; but it’s also the same approach existing companies take when bringing new products to the market.

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Parent holding child Marketing Tips

May Marketing Calendar

Take a look at May’s marketing calendar – which includes interesting days for your customers to learn more.

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Typewriter Marketing Tips

What is tone of voice and why is it important to my marketing strategy?

What does tone of voice actually mean – and why is it important for your business marketing strategy? This guide we’ve created has the answers for you.

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Spring Marketing Tips

April Marketing Calendar

Here’s your April Marketing Calendar, full of fresh new ideas and inspiration for the next few weeks ahead.

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Flowers Marketing Tips

March Marketing Calendar

Need a March Marketing Calendar? Here are some of the main events and awareness days that you need to know about this month.

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Ice cream Marketing Tips

February Marketing Calendar

Need a February Marketing Calendar? We’ve searched the web and found the best items to talk about during this months marketing.

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Vic in garden Vic's Rambles

Own Business Day

To celebrate Own Business Day; Victoria Prince talks about life behind the scenes of Touchpoints Marketing – sharing her experience for the benefit of others.

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