To celebrate Own Business Day on 13th October 2020, Victoria Prince talks about life behind the scenes of Touchpoints Marketing…


I’m not going to tell you I wake at 6am and go for a jog, that’s not me!

It’s usually between 8-9am, but as soon as I’m awake I’m multi-tasking to make up for it. I eat a healthy porridge at my desk, whilst checking emails and social media accounts, then start to focus on work that’s needed throughout the day.

Google Calendar is an absolute lifesaver, every task I need to do and event I need to be at are all stored neatly in order.

Victoria Prince from Touchpoints Marketing wearing a green top in Markeaton Park, Derby


This is what a typical day looks like for me right now:

  • Up at 8am – breakfast, quick yoga session and journaling (knowing where we are with the moon’s cycle is important to my business)
  • 9am – get ready and head to the office
  • 10am – call with a client – running through their latest project launch
  • 11am – networking zoom call
  • 12 noon – following up from networking – finding people on LinkedIn, sending messages, setting up 1-2-1 calls with people
  • 1pm – drive to a meeting 
  • 1.30pm – lunch with a prospective client
  • 2.30 – drive back to the office
  • 3pm – client work  – report writing, or planning a campaign strategy
  • 4.30pm – Marketing Accountability Zoom call with a client
  • 5.45pm – prospective client call for 15 mins
  • 6pm – drive home
  • 6.30pm – walk the dog
  • 7pm – make dinner
  • 8pm – log onto Zoom with Canada to learn even more about MemberVault software
  • 9pm – write a blog post (like this!)
  • 10.30pm – switch off the computer

Snatching time between to check my emails, social media, client’s social media, have the odd coffee, try to drink plenty of water and stretch, so I’m not in a bad posture all day.


My day as business owner of Touchpoints Marketing is sometimes shared with my role as a Mentor at the Business School of Nottingham Trent University, which is fun and rewarding.

Being able to support a Student as they make their way through University (and staying in touch beyond that) gives a lot back to me too! It’s often said by the Tutors that the Students often take more notice from people in the industry than Tutors themselves, which I can relate to looking back at my time at NTU.


I’ve not always had my own businesses. When I finished University I worked for Thorntons Chocolates in their Marketing Dept and for BMI airline in their Diamond Club loyalty programme. I also moved to London and worked for AWIN in affiliate marketing. You can read more about that over on my About page.

Personally, I think spending time in other businesses gives you the chance to learn a lot from other people, best practices, networking opportunities and also the things you don’t want to import into your own business.

After my time in London, in summer 2012, I opened a Coffee Shop and Deli in Surrey, winning 2 awards. It was my first step into the self-employed territory, and I’ve never looked back.

Victoria Prince and her beagle dog Barney


Being a Beagle owner is a godsend, in that it means I have to step away from my desk and talk a walk around the block, the park or a nearby reservoir.

Being at a desk all day means that this works really well. It puts my projects in perspective, I get to clear my mind and go back to the desk refreshed.


I regularly use a lot of freelancers in my business. I couldn’t do it all without their expertise.

From PR and Web Development through to Illustrators, Social Media, Product development and Email Marketing experts; these wonderful people are part of my team. They work hard and are so supportive in all the projects we work on together.

My PA Jade is incredible, she’s always on hand to type up a voice note, schedule customers into my diary and keep my inbox in check!


This is a tricky one, and I usually get in a bit of trouble with my boyfriend. He sometimes imposes a 6.30pm curfew on my computer, which is fair enough, so I get a chance to relax and unwind in the evenings. He works for the Police, so if he’s working on a ‘late’, it’s easier for me to continue into the evenings too 🙂 Hope he’s not reading this!


Thing is, I totally love my job, it’s addictive, it’s a bottomless ‘to do’ list that needs to be constantly worked on.

I also love how Touchpoints Marketing has grown! I work with businesses who have big ambitions (like myself) and through ongoing contact with my client and all the marketing channels we’ve chosen to target, I help them to build their own brands and businesses.

There’s never a dull moment!