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We support Entrepreneurs with ambitious marketing goals.

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You’re ready to scale. Here’s what you’re thinking:

We work with ambitious business owners and Managing Directors like you, to make a clear Marketing Masterplan, where everyone in the marketing team knows their role and how it aligns to your bigger business vision.

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Touchpoints Marketing can help you if:


You feel like you are winging it and are worried about not have a sustainable marketing strategy in place


Your business is stagnant and you want to grow your business faster


You’re not sure what the plan is for the next 12 months


You haven't found "your people" and are feeling drained from connecting with the wrong target audience


You're feeling uncertain and frustrated about your next steps and don't know where to turn

Emma brown

“A revelation of a million light bulbs ignited”

Mike roberts

“Wow!!! Victoria knows her stuff. No fancy jargon, and she was very patient.”

Elin t

“I'm super high on life after each session. She's knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated to see you succeed!”

Laura fred

“An hour with Vic can revolutionise your business”

We make business owners smile!

Her Marketing Agency; Touchpoints Marketing works with start-up and scale-up business owners to develop clear marketing strategies to meet ambitious goals.

Not quite ready for a full Marketing Strategy?

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Want to understand more about marketing and how it can support your business? Vic has designed a Marketing MOT online course for your business.

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If you’re a solopreneur who is ready to grow, and don’t need a full Marketing Masterplan, you can sign up for the monthly Mastermind calls here.

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