Understanding what ‘makes us tick’ as a team, and knowing what’s important to our target customer has led us to four core values that we believe in and operate day to day.

We’d love to share a bit more detail about what they mean to us, and some examples of how customers have experienced them.

  1. We create clarity & transformation:

Our customers leave every session with more clarity in their business vision. They tell us that we make them “feel like a million light bulbs have turned on!” They have learnt new things with their time with us and are ready to put tasks into action to transform their businesses.

The million light bulbs quote was from Emma at Denim Star, after she carried out a Marketing Masterplan with us.

Emma added: “Victoria really helped me to home in and understand the demographic of my brand, when this happens you pivot your business in the direction it truly needs to give it every opportunity to launch. Victoria gives you a Masterplan that really gives you a clear path on how to do this.”

  1. We make business owners smile:

Through bubbly, warm and fun personalities, we bring energising sessions to the table. We take our customers on an adventure; an exploration of what is possible. Our customer’s personal and business goals become our goals, to achieve together.

Tara and her team of 3 employees/volunteers came to our boardroom for a Marketing Masterplan Day. All were able to contribute to the bigger picture of the business and take away ownership of marketing activities as a team.

  1. We build trust and confidence:

Customers trust us with their most precious commodities (energy, time and money) and private information about themselves and their businesses. In return, we have a trusted seat ‘inside’ their team which enables us to build their confidence in themselves and the marketing of their business.

Jim Overend was able to open up and share his vision of ‘The Gamechanger’ via his Marketing Masterplan. He explains “It was a pleasure meeting with Vic and going through her system. Highly recommended!”

  1. We can nurture when needed:

When it’s time to get more serious, or react to an emergency marketing question or business decision, we’re there to hold our customer’s hands and reassure them through any rocky moments to the other side.

Usually, a lot of our clients are attracting high-level funding rounds, and cashflow can be a little tricky. Claire has been building Lazy Flora from the ground up and could see that we were able to stand by her:  “I just wanted to say thank you so much for your understanding and flexibility. It means a lot to me, as this is a stressful time. Not everybody has the ability to empathise as you do, so your kindness is appreciated more than you can imagine.”

If these core values sound like they’re aligned to how you’d like to do business, we’d love to hear from you.