Social media has created a new communication channel, creating huge opportunities unlike previous communication technologies. There are so many platforms offering varying features. These have revolutionised Marketing to what it is today.

A major opportunity social media has created is to widen brands outreach. Creating opportunities to target customers internationally. Social media platforms not only target customers but are also a marketplace for customers. They’re revenue generators!

Improved marketing Strategies:

Here at Touchpoints, we think having a strong strategy is the recipe to successful marketing. BusinessMatters magazine says, “social media provides a sneak-peek into everyone’s lives”. Available data allows businesses to understand users’ interests. This is brilliant when creating your marketing strategy!

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How does social media benefit my marketing?

Well, alongside improved marketing strategies, here are some other benefits:
• Better SEO rankings: if your business website receives higher social signals, you should stand out, with brand validity and loyalty. This will result in search engines ranking your site higher in relevant searches.
• Increased brand awareness: having a strong social media presence can help build customer trust and loyalty. Social media allows you to publish information, and interact with your customers.
• Increased website traffic: the content you publish on social media creates a reason for followers to visit your website!

Here are some recent social media updates that bring further opportunities:

• Note’s function: this allows users to post up to 2500 words with unique URLs. Unique URLs will increase sharing opportunities. Even those who don’t use Twitter!
Search Subscribe-similar to Google alerts, users will get push notifications for tweets matching a search query specified
Location spotlight feature: professional profiles in the UK, USA, Australia & Canada will be able to use the new update! They’ll be able to include location information and display business hours & ways to contact your business.

Reals Creation Options: users can remix photos into a Real. Further methods to engaging with followers!
Pinning posts: while being offered on TikTok for some time, users can pin posts to their profile. Users now have more options to customise their grid!

Corrections: If you are one for making mistakes you’ll love this! Creators can add corrections notes if videos are incorrect or outdated. No more reuploading!
Critical Alerts Functionality: This allows creators to understand their analytics better. Notifications will be sent if your performance begins to drop off.

Stories: your followers have an even bigger insight into your business, similar to those on Instagram and Facebook!
Attribution Manager Tool: this is a marketer’s dream! This provides flexibility in seeing how well your promotion campaigns run on the app.
Business Manager Platform: this will feature as a dashboard, allowing users to manage people, accounts and pages.
Audio Events-the platform is aiming to feature Clubhouse-like events!

Social media has created endless opportunities in marketing. 90% of marketers say social media efforts has increased exposure for their business.