Managing Directors and Entrepreneurs come to us with the same issues:

How can we help you?

With our Marketing Masterplan, you take the day out of your business with your team, and you enter our boardroom to develop a brand new plan together.

The day is packed with creativity, fun, energy and vigour, and your team will flourish, bringing great ideas to the table (which also ensures their buy-in when the plan is rolled out.)

We take you through our 6 point Marketing Masterplan blueprint, and afterwards we’ll email you the final version of the plan for your team to roll out internally.

If you don’t have a marketing team yet, that’s not a problem. We can arrange for the strategic activities to be put into place through our Marketing Agency.

Here’s the thing, you’ll feel perfectly in control of your marketing strategy, because you’ll all know exactly who needs to do what, when (and WHY it’s important).

If you’re nodding at all of this, we are here to support your business growth and dive into your marketing strategy to make it feel focused towards the business growth you need.

We are flexible in supporting your needs on an individual bases, please don’t hesitate to inform us regarding any requirements you may need.

Let’s get started.

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We create clarity and transformation

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.”

John Wanamaker (1838-1922) American merchant, political figure and a "pioneer in marketing"

There are some frightening UK business statistics from,which prove that you need a strong marketing strategy:

Post-covid times are harder to trade, and so it’s even more vital to have a marketing strategy in place, so that you’re not wondering which half of your marketing budget is being wasted.

That’s where our Marketing Masterplan can support you to weather the storms, protect your business, your staff and create confidence in your business growth.

We make business owners smile!

We make business owners smile, here are some results we’ve facilitated


“The Marketing Masterplan was instrumental in increasing our sales by 22% YOY”


“We’ve just had our best month of sales EVER”


“I can’t quantify it in numbers yet, but my confidence in the business is through the roof, and that filters down into the whole team”

You know it’s now the time to figure out more about your target audience, and really focus on marketing to them, right?

Want to join us on a Marketing Masterplan Day?

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We build trust and confidence

“If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail”

Benjamin Franklin

Victoria is a Marketing Expert, multi award-winning businesswoman and Entrepreneur who took her healthy snacking business from a ‘concept’ to 4 product listings with Selfridges in less than a year.

Dragon’s Den also called her asking her to apply – for 2 seasons in a row. She gracefully declined!

She set up her consultancy ‘Touchpoints Marketing’ in 2016. It’s now a team of 6 and they work with ambitious start-up & scale-up businesses to develop clear marketing strategies to meet their big ‘audacious’ goals.

We nurture when needed

Let’s discuss how the Marketing Masterplan can work for your business.

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Read and confirm the Terms of Business that arrive via email

Here are the 6 steps we’ll guide you through


YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE: It’s important to start with a strong confirmation of your products and or services. This ensures that everyone in the room is really clear on what are the key revenue drivers for the business and potentially, which products or services could be removed to increase profits.


YOUR CUSTOMERS: We’ll spend time researching your target Customer (and/or the end Consumer). Where are they? What age? What do they like? What are their pain points? We’ll build up a Customer Avatar to know them really well.


PRICING STRUCTURE Let’s look at this from three angles; ensure your profit margins are healthy, and determine the prices for different markets (eg Retail vs Direct to Consumer), then we’ll look at what the Customer is prepared to pay, with a value model. Finally, a swift check on competitors.


WHERE ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS? Now it’s time to decide how to deliberately target your Customers and find out where they would research for your product. Are they looking online? Are they reading papers or magazines to understand more about your industry?


PROMOTING YOUR PRODUCTOnce we know who we’re targeting, and how, we can create a Promotional Plan, which will document key moments throughout the year that may need a promotional boost.


YOUR MARKETING PROCESS: Finally, it’s time to understand what processes need to be put into place to carry out the Marketing Masterplan. Who will you need on board to carry out some of the activities and when? What software can make your processes run smoother?

How many team members can I bring?

The Boardroom we hire can accommodate up to 4 team members. If you wish to bring a bigger team, this can be arranged, let’s discuss it on a call.

How much is the Marketing Masterplan day?

For the Marketing Masterplan format above, with up to 4 staff, hosted in our Boardroom with lunch included is £4995 +VAT. This also includes the Masterplan Report which is emailed to you afterwards.

We can’t travel to your office, can we do this over Zoom?

Yes, we’re able to facilitate a Zoom version of the Marketing Masterplan, and it is carried out over 3 sessions, held a week apart each time. The sessions last 2.5 hours each.

Do we get all the details afterwards?

Yes, a Marketing Masterplan with us includes the Masterplan Report which is emailed to you afterwards.

Do you recommend any hotels to stay at the night before?

Yes there are a few options in Uttoxeter, from the trusty Premier Inn to the independent White Hart Hotel. If you don’t mind staying a little further away, we’ve had clients stay at the Alton Towers Hotel which is about 20 minutes by car.