Many business love to take part in Pride month especially since the community has a combined spending that hovers at $3.7 trillion annually according to Forbes. The support from businesses can have so much influence on the progression of the LGBTQ+ community.

This is a perfect time to show your support for the community, as well as creating huge opportunities for your business.  However, as this is a sensitive topic within the LGBTQ+ community, care must be taken as individuals are still facing devastating challenges globally.

When creating your pride marketing campaign include more than just “Rainbow Capitalism”. Research the history, you may find something that resonates with your brand. Celebrating love for all should be at the heart of your campaign. In doing this, you truly will showcase the meaning and purpose of Pride.

How to ensure you’ll run a successful campaign:

  • Understand who you want to target: for example Gen Z are the proudest generation yet, with 1 in 6 Gen Zers identifying as LGBTQ+. Additionally, according to Fanbytes, 45% of under-34s say they’re more likely to repeat business with an LGBTQ+ friendly company; this is the time to use your platform for advocacy in your marketing campaigns.
  • Consider everyone in the LGBTQ+ community: Forbes used the term “embrace more than the white picket fence,” many businesses tend to focus purely on high earning privileged white males, however, try and envisage a pride month marketing campaign that includes the entire community, allowing those less privileged to feel included.
  • Use of the correct language: when writing social media posts or marketing scripts try to avoid the use of gendered language like “hey guys”, instead use hey all/everyone. The use of gender-neutral language is inclusive of all individuals, but also promotes social change contributing to achieving gender equality. You might find our Inclusive Language For Your Marketing blog post useful!

Here's a guide to gender neutral language in business writing

  • Normalise experiences: don’t overcomplicate things. An effective way of promoting expectance is to produce a campaign that normalises the LGBTQ+ community. For example, in 2019 Gillette released an ad about a father teaching his trans son to shave, these small life experiences can have the biggest impacts. Another amazing example is Absolut Vodka marketing campaign 72 kisses, which represented the 72 countries in which homosexuality is still illegal. They had many people from those countries kissing with pride aiming to encourage those countries to legalise same-sex relationships.
  • Representation: At times businesses tend to focus on certain parts of the community. However we are an extremely diverse group so make sure to represent all members of the community. For example, in 2019 Paper magazine put Aaron Rose Phillip, a black trans model born with cerebral palsy, on one of its covers. If your campaign requires models, try, and hire those of all body types and ethnicities. Pride Month is a brilliant way to push diversity into your brand.
  • Listen to feedback: As with any campaign, feedback is important. Listen to your audience and be open to feedback/criticism. Use this to educate yourself and see how you can move forward. Making the necessary adjustments ensures you show genuine support for the LGBTQ+ community.

How can I get involved this Pride Month?

  • Sponsorship: Many of the Pride events/activates rely on the support of sponsors. Your business can support the funding of these wonderful events while you show your support for the community. Contact your local Pride organisations to inquire about sponsorship opportunities. Pride London is one of the many options you can sponsor this year.
  • Fundraising: No matter the size of the donation, fundraising can be a perfect way to showcase your support.
  • Social Media Campaign: Share pictures, stories, and messages. You could also have LGBTQ activists take over your social media for a day. See what works for your business!
  • Take part in the Pride Parade: Show your support by participating in the parade either with a float or walking with your employees! Find a Pride Event near you!

Overall, there are multiple factors to be taken into consideration when creating your pride month marketing campaign. This is your opportunity to not only grow your sales, but involve your business in creating social change. Your decisions will help improve the lives of billions around the world. Create a campaign that's true to your brand and will resonate with people.

Need support with creating your marketing campaign for pride month?

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