Marketing may not be your favourite part of running a six-figure business – and that’s perfectly fine!

Let’s navigate the marketing landscape together, making it a stress-free and successful journey for your thriving business!

Right now, you’re thinking…

If you’re serious about your business and are looking for support to scale it further, the growth programme is a worthy investment!

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We support Business Owners and Entrepreneurs with ambitious marketing goals.

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Why the Growth Programme?


The 6-week Growth Programme provides essential tools for business transformation:

With our time together, we’ll create the opportunity for you to significantly boost your revenue.  After 6 weeks, you’ll have numerous ‘light bulb’ moments and we’ll hold your hand along the way so that you feel confident in your decisions.

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The 6-weekly sessions highlight:









Confirm what you sell and why you sell it.

Who is your perfect customer?

Your pricing strategy.

Where are your customers?

Your annual promotional plan.

Creating marketing processes

Emily woodward

“Vic gave me the accountability I truly needed and makes it her business to really get to know yours! This means she is able to challenge, guide and offer a different view point - something so very needed as a sole business owner.”

Suzanne suthers

“During one session when I was feeling quite stuck with my business Victoria gave me great suggestions to take the business forward and has totally turned things around.”

Colin, Intelect Group

“Vic has changed my approach to marketing completely, and I have learnt an absolute bundle, I've seen an uptick in my social media posts and newsletter. Love the sessions and I am sure you will get benefit from them, she's a superstar!!”

About Victoria

Victoria is a Marketing Expert, multi award-winning businesswoman and Entrepreneur who took her healthy snacking business from a ‘concept’ to 4 product listings with Selfridges in less than a year.

Dragon’s Den also called her asking her to apply – for 2 seasons in a row. She gracefully declined!

She set up her consultancy ‘Touchpoints Marketing’ in 2016. It’s now a team of 6 and they work with ambitious start-up & scale-up businesses to develop clear marketing strategies to meet their big ‘audacious’ goals.

Would you prefer a 1-2-1 service?

If you’re not a fan of working in a group format, or you need your marketing strategy ironing out ASAP, don’t worry we also have a Marketing Masterplan service available.

Read more about the Marketing Masterplan.

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