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Victoria is an experienced entrepreneur who wants to share her journey and passions with the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

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“Those aged between 18-34 are more likely to start their own business compared to those aged 34-64” GM Study 2022

Unlocking Business Brilliance: The Keys to Entrepreneurship.

Get to know the world of entrepreneurship during Victoria’s one hour online presentation, where you will have the choice to select two of our topics:

Let’s create a spark of curiosity!

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Together we can create the solutions of tomorrow!

Engage and Empower: Interactive Insights into Entrepreneurship

Make your business ideas a reality with Victoria’s 2-hour interactive presentation! We will guide your students through the journey of building their own business as well as discussions about three of the following topics:

To ensure students can make the most from our interactive presentation, this is limited to 40 students.

Let’s build the stepping stones to success!

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“Setting up my own business is probably one of the best things I could have done” – Raj Student at NTU

From Campus to Start-up: Building Entrepreneurial Excellence:

A full day with your students where we will create a plan to entrepreneurial success.

What to expect from our Workshop:

Discussions about three of the following will also be included:

To ensure we can support all students, our Workshop will be available to between 10-12 students.

 Let’s encourage greatness for future generations!

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The importance of speaking about entrepreneurship:

At Touchpoints Marketing, our vision is to provide both undergraduates and graduates the opportunity to consider self-employment as a potential career choice.


“Only 2% of Freelancers felt they learned enough about self-employment from University.” ComRes


We want to  educate students with honest discussions about entrepreneurship, guiding them through the process of starting-up and the excepted everyday practices.

We are also working with universities with our Marketing Mavericks Programme, an alternative career pathway for students, where we are enabling them to begin their freelancing careers alongside their studies.


Working together, we can support every student who comes through our doors to successfully implement their mark on the world. 


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Victoria Prince is no stranger to freelancing, business and entrepreneurship.

Victoria has over 15 year’s worth of industry experience working in marketing departments of multinational businesses such as:

  • Thorntons
  • BMI Airline
  • Awin Affiliate Marketing

Entrepreneurship is Victoria’s calling:

Achieving multiple business awards for her entrepreneurial endeavours, including Marketing Strategist of the Year 2022 in the Enterprise Nation Awards. She has also laughed her hobby ‘Energy Balls’ into a side hustle, launching on to the shelves at Selfridges in the first year of operating.

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Touchpoints Team

Our Packages Prices:


Unlocking Business Brilliance: The Keys to Entrepreneurship: £895+VAT


Engage and Empower: Interactive Insights into Entrepreneurship: £1495+VAT


From Campus to Start-Up: Building Entrepreneurial Excellence: £2995+VAT

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