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Let’s create the alternative pathway to success together!

With graduate jobs becoming harder to come by each year, we want students to know there are other options. Marketing Mavericks is the alternative pathway to success!

“74% of Gen Z opt for either a hybrid or totally remote work” TalentLMS & BambooHR

Many students have the ideas, but don’t know where to begin with a freelancer career, or think they need to follow the “expected pathway” post graduation, however together we can change this!

Hear what the Times Higher Education had to say about us!

“Only 2% of Freelancers felt they learned enough about self-employment from University.” ComRes

Explore the concept of Self-Employment

Our course is specifically tailored to Marketing and Business students where we will guide them step by step through their Freelancer career.


“Marketing Mavericks is the perfect addition to the entrepreneurship opportunities we provide to our students” – Tom Spencer, Head of Undergraduates Programme at Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University.


Let’s turn their dreams and passions into a reality!

“There continues to be a failure by education and training bodies, including universities, in developing the skills required by the business community. “

Professor Dylan Jones-Evans OBE

Hear what student’s have to say about Mavericks:

Caitlyn Maynard

“The course gave me the push I needed to make me realise that I do have the confidence to attend networking events and pitch myself to other professionals.”

Raj taak

“Setting up my own business was something I had planned on doing further down the line but actually it is probably one of the best things I could have done.”

Anna marketing maverick

“As a graduate, you don’t know how to set up by yourself, so it isn’t even seen as an option for many students; they don’t know how to run a business. That’s why Victoria’s course is so great”

Big Vision

At Touchpoints Marketing, our vision is to provide both undergraduates and graduates the opportunity to begin their freelancing careers. Not only will we teach them everything they need to know, but we will guide and support them through the process.

In 2021, we set The Big Vision to showcase the opportunity to be a Freelancer to over 5,000 students in 5 years, before 2026!

Working together, we can support every student who comes through our doors to successfully implement their mark on the world. 

Happy Students

Will Mavericks work at our University?

Don’t worry, our course will work accordingly with the entrepreneurship opportunities you currently offer, with the aim to further support your future entrepreneurs.

With our vigorous knowledge of digital marketing techniques, analytical and numerical skills accompanied by strong initiative, strong customer service, our work together will ensure students can be strongly equipped to begin their path to freelancing freedom.

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Stage One

1. What is so great about being a Marketing freelancer? And what’s not so great? 2. How much money can I realistically make? 3. How do I get set up ‘officially’ to trade? 4. How do I attract clients?

Stage Two

1. Registering your business with HMRC (and my thoughts on whether you should be self-employed or a Limited Company) 2. Setting up your own marketing strategy, and finding your first client 3. Contracts for your customers 4. The types of insurance you might need 5. Ten Top Tips on how to look after your clients

Stage Three

1. How much should you be charging now you’re set up and running? 2. Client issues and how to handle them 3. Creating monthly reports 4. What’s IR35? 5. Should you trademark your trading name? 6. Keeping accurate accounts 7. Building your customer pipeline

Here’s Michaela, one of this year’s Marketing Mavericks at NTU…

Hear what businesses have to say about Marketing Mavericks!

Sally Greaves

“What a fantastic programme that Victoria is running, whereby she is teaching students practical knowledge around setting up their own business after graduating. I wish this programme was available at my university back in the day!”

Sally Greaves

“What a fantastic programme that Victoria is running, whereby she is teaching students practical knowledge around setting up their own business after graduating. I wish this programme was available at my university back in the day!”


Victoria Prince is no stranger to freelancing, business and entrepreneurship.

Victoria has over 15 year’s worth of industry experience working in marketing departments of multinational businesses such as:

  • Thorntons
  • BMI Airline
  • Awin Affiliate Marketing

Entrepreneurship is Victoria’s calling:

Achieving multiple business awards for her entrepreneurial endeavours, including Marketing Strategist of the Year 2022 in the Enterprise Nation Awards. She has also laughed her hobby ‘Energy Balls’ into a side hustle, launching on to the shelves at Selfridges in the first year of operating.

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Touchpoints Team
How will Mavericks work alongside student's studies?

Marketing Mavericks features a hybrid teaching method. Students will be able to access Core module content in our learning portal allowing students to learn in their own time/pace. Online sessions will be recorded, and we work with the university/students to ensure our live/in person sessions don’t interfere with their studies.

Will your course interfere with the entrepreneurial opportunities we currently offer?

No, as Tom Spencer , Head of Undergraduates at Nottingham Business School NTU, said Mavericks is the perfect addition to the entrepreneurship opportunities you may currently offer to your students. Our aim is to support your students to begin their freelancing career alongside their career, so they can graduate with a successful operating business.

Let’s build the future of business together!

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