Are you looking to balance work and relaxation?

We know it can be challenging to find the balance between work and relaxation but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore!

Some problems you may face as an ambitious managing director/entrepreneur include:

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“The Growth Retreat is an immersive experience for business owners a who want to transform and scale their business, we want you to invest in your business and yourself as a leader. By the end of the retreat you will feel rejuvenated with a clear mind full of ideas!”

Angela Venoya.

Learn more about our exclusive Growth Retreat:

Transport yourself to a new reality, taking the time to reset and consider what steps you need to take to supercharge your marketing strategy!

During your two night stay stay at Wild Hive Callow Hall you will:


Wild Hive Tree house you'll be staying at during the Marketing Clarity Retreat

Enjoy the beautiful views of the Peak District Derbyshire: 

With its spectacular landscapes, exquisite waterfalls and greens hills, not to mention it being known as one of the most beautiful national parks in the UK. We believe it is the perfect place to balance work and relaxation. The breathtaking views, fresh air and nature will leave you feeling rejuvenated and motivated.
We want you to enjoy your stay by being able to learn and reconnect with your business and personal goals. Bring some comfortable shoes for our mindful walk and other outdoor activities.


“The whole place is a world away from reality

-Wild Hive, Callow Hall

Who is the Growth Retreat for?

Someone struggling with their marketing and finding difficulty to relax.

Someone looking to further develop their marketing strategy and discuss their ideas with other business owners.

Someone looking to further develop themselves and business.

Our Growth Retreat is the perfect solution:

Vic and Angela

Hear what our clients have to say!

5 stars

“What an amazing investment, Vic is absolutely amazing, worth every penny and the impact on your business marketing is immense. I cannot recommend her highly enough”

5 stars

“Working with Vic was a truly transformative experience.”

5 stars

“Victoria is my go to for marketing, every piece of advice she has given me has been 100% spot on. ”

“Our Growth Retreat is the perfect opportunity for established business owners in the B2B market to find clarity within their marketing and grow their business further.”

Here are the 6 main marketing pillars we will guide you through:


Your product or service: It's important to have a strong understanding of your products or services as this ensures you know what your key revenue drivers are. Understanding which products/services are key revenue drives will allow you to potentially start removing products/services to further increase profits.


Your customers: We will look into you target customer (and/or the end customer) and understand the following: -Who they are -Age -What do they like to do -What are their pain points Once you know this we will build up a Customer Avatar to know exactly who they are!


Pricing Structure: We will look at this from three angles. Make sure your profit margins are looking healthy and we will determine the prices for different markets. Then using a value model, we will look at what the customers are prepared to pay. Finally let's take a swift look at your competitors pricing.


Where are your customers? It's finally time to decide how you want to deliberately target your customers and find out where they would search for your product/service. Are they looking online? Are they reading papers or magazines to educate themselves about your industry?


Promoting your product: Now we know who/how we're targeting your customers we can create a Promotional Plan. This will document key moments throughout the year that may need a promotional boost.


Your marketing process: We're nearly there! Now it's time to understand what processes need to be put into place to make your dreams a reality. We will look at who you'll need on board and when to carry out activities. Finally we will take a look at what softwares can make your process run smoother.

We make business owners smile!

Let’s drive your business to success

Supercharge your marketing strategy and elevate your business with a launch price of £3250, price to rise to £3995.

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