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Supercharge Your Business with a Bespoke ‘Masterplan’

If you’re setting up a new venture, or scaling an existing business, you may be interested in the Touchpoints Marketing ‘Masterplan’.

Victoria will extract all the information from you about your industry, customers and goals. You’ll use the Masterplan Workbook with 6 key areas to focus your business in the right direction.

2.5 hour Zoom sessions every week for 3 weeks with homework set in between.

Marketing Masterplan

During the project, we work through a process to understand every element of the jigsaw. 

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Your Product or Service

It’s important to start with a strong confirmation that there’s a market for your product or service. This will be in the form of secondary research, plus any primary research you’ve already carried out.

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Your Customers

We’ll spend time researching your target Customer (and/or the end Consumer). Where are they? What age? What do they like? What are their pain points? We’ll build up a Customer Avatar to know them really well.

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Pricing Structure

Let’s look at this from two angles. We’ll ensure your profit margins are healthy, and determine the prices for different markets (eg Retail vs Direct to Consumer). Plus we’ll look at what the Customer is prepared to pay.

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Where are your Customers?

Now it’s time to decide how to deliberately target your Customers and find out where they would research for your product. Are they looking online? Are they reading papers or magazines to understand more about your industry? 

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Promoting Your Product

Once we know who we’re targeting, and how, we can create a Promotional Plan, which will document key moments throughout the year that may need a promotional boost.

Your Marketing Process

Finally, it’s time to understand what processes need to be put into place to carry out the Marketing Masterplan. Who will you need on board to carry out some of the activities and when? What software can make your processes run smoother?

What People Are Saying

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“Victoria took time to understand our product and business and helped formalise our marketing strategy. Victoria is professional, organised, and is also fun to work with. As a small business owner sometimes you just need an extra little boost; Victoria has great ideas, and her enthusiasm is infectious. I look forward to a continued relationship.”

Felicity Brown, Hoe Grange Holidays


“Her expert vision, creativity and attention to detail are second to none. I’ve seen incredible expansion and outreach of my business.”

Jack Foley, International Tenor Singer.


Working with Victoria is always a pleasure – her boundless energy and enthusiasm is infectious. She is so well connected and has a brilliant capacity for thinking out of the box and inspiring others to do so too. She is an asset to any meeting and any business working with her.

Emily Whitehead, Simply Great Britain


“Victoria has demonstrated success by developing her own product and brand (Energy Ball Recipes), culminating in becoming a stockist for Selfridges, receiving 2 award nominations, recognition from producers of Dragon’s Den and top level athletes and sports teams, all within 12 months!”

David Smith, Oxford Innovation.


“I’m really pleased with the response to my social media activity and the clarity of focus I have in following your strategy plan. Thank you so much! I’m so excited!”

Nicola Forbes-Taylor, NFT Consulting


“She’s not only a warm and generous person she will help you through those moments of doubt to win a successful business model. If you need help with your business this is unquestionably the lady for you.”

Jack Foley, International Tenor Singer.


“Victoria is a rare combination of great marketing knowledge & intelligence with a straightforward approach & delivery – no confusing psycho babble; it all just made perfect sense. I would thoroughly recommend Victoria. I will be looking to prosper from her advice again in the future.”

Anthony Spratt, Cable & Cotton.


“Victoria always has ambitious plans, and is rapidly developing a reputation as an inspirational keynote speaker to motivate future entrepreneurs to embark upon their own journey. She is a truly inspiring and entrepreneurial individual.”

David Smith, Oxford Innovation.

What stage of business needs a Marketing Masterplan?

Concept Stage

Your business idea is waiting to burst into life. You’re looking to ‘sense-check’ and validate that it’s a good idea before you invest time, energy and money.


The business is live and kicking, but it’s not gathering the momentum you need just yet. This is a great time to stand back and review your plans and activities.

Annual Review

The Masterplan works well as an Annual Review to check-in with the marketing roadmap and ensure everything is on track. This way it’s easy to see what changes can be made.


It’s time to super-boost your business; review products, check in with margins, discover new routes to market and rewrite the next phase of growth.


Maybe everything is going smoothly, you’re an established business, but you’re very keen to discover a new marketplace, for example Affiliate Marketing. 

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