“Does anyone even want to give me a job?”

female graduate wearing a cap and a red dress and shrugging her shoulders wondering if anyone wants to give her a job

That’s what you’re wondering right now. You’ve been applying to so many graduate schemes and not hearing back. You don’t have to follow that path any more.

  • Have you recently left or about to finish university?
  • Struggling to find an ‘elusive’ Graduate Scheme job promised to you all those years ago?
  • Has the pandemic left you wondering what to do next?
  • Are you simply yearning for something different?

With graduate roles becoming harder to come by each day, why not consider a different route and become your own boss?

Your future is in your hands.

Discover more about the Marketing Maverick’s programme today, where you will be celebrated for your originality and passions.

Our course is specifically tailored to Marketing and Business Graduates and will shape your desires into your very own career path.

Victoria Prince typing

"My job is to make your desired job a reality!"

In this world of uncertainty, I want to reassure you that your strengths and weaknesses, viewpoints and goals will be taken in with open arms when you become part of the Touchpoints Marketing family.

~ Victoria Prince

What Our Students Have To Say About The Programme

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Raj - Taak Marketing

“Setting up my own business was something I had planned on doing further down the line but actually it is probably one of the best things I could have done.”

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Louise - Sentient Marketing

“I found the information on the course about setting up as a Consultant really useful. I have taken the advice about setting up as a Sole Trader. Client work is building up and I have a regular income, so it’s all good!”

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Anna - VIV Marketing

“As a graduate, you don’t know how to set up by yourself, so it isn’t even seen as an option for many students; they don’t know how to run a business. That’s why Victoria’s course is so great”


At Touchpoints Marketing, our vision is to provide new or soon-to-be graduates with the essential guidance and support-network they need in these uncertain times.

We’ll help each individual who comes through our doors to successfully implement their desired mark on the world.

The BIG VISION  (set in 2021) is to showcase the opportunity to be a Freelancer to over 5,000 Graduates in 5 years, before July 2026.

female graduate wearing green cap and gown and blowing glitter towards the camera on her graduation day

Is this right for me?

Marketing Mavericks is specifically catered for those graduated with Business and Marketing based degrees.

With vigorous knowledge of digital marketing techniques, analytical and numerical skills accompanied by a strong initiative, strong customer service and interpersonal skills you’ll be strongly equipped to begin your path to freelancing freedom.

Flexibility, negotiation, creativity and the ability to work in pressurising situations are also accompanying factors that will benefit starting up your business.

Do you have what it takes?

What will I learn at each stage?

Stage 1

1. What is so great about being a Marketing freelancer? And what’s not so great?

2. How much money can I realistically make?

3. How do I get set up ‘officially’ to trade?

4. How do I attract clients?

Stage 2

1. Registering your business with HMRC (and my thoughts on whether you should be self-employed or a Limited Company)

2. Setting up your own marketing strategy, and finding your first client

3. Contracts for your customers

4. The types of insurance you might need

5. Ten Top Tips on how to look after your clients

Stage 3
  1. How much should you be charging now you’re set up and running? 
  2. Client issues and how to handle them
  3. Creating monthly reports
  4. What’s IR35?
  5. Should you trademark your trading name?
  6. Keeping accurate accounts
  7. Building your customer pipeline

Take a few minutes to learn more…


27% of businesses plan to reduce their graduate intake due to the effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic (The Institute of Student Employers, 2020).

Don’t wait for them to hire you, hire yourself.

Who is Victoria Prince?

Victoria Prince is no stranger to freelancing, business and entrepreneurship.

Since graduating in 2005, Victoria has achieved 2 business awards for her entrepreneurial endeavours, and a place secured in the finale of ‘Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2020.’

Starting her journey working in marketing departments of multinational businesses such as Thorntons and BMI airline, Victoria understands how to take big ambitions and turn them into legitimate realities.

You can read more about Victoria’s story here.

Victoria Prince from Touchpoints Marketing holding some blue balloons

What happens when you enrol?

If you’ve found yourself asking ‘how much money could I make being self-employed?’ or ‘could I hold down a part-time job whilst pursuing my passion?’ then our course is just for you!

Not only is stage one free, just to be sure it’s the right path for you, but you’ll discover all the pros and cons of freelancing. We’ll myth-bust together so you can be ready to attract your very own clients in a matter of weeks.

Once stage one is completed, you’ll be offered the opportunity to progress.

After completing stage two you’ll be prepared to give your new business the green light AND make sure your clients are happy with the service you’re providing them.

From registering your business with HMRC, creating your personal marketing strategy and securing your first client, you’ll be ready to really make your mark on the world.

Frequently asked questions…

Do I have to be a graduate?

Marketing Mavericks is specifically tailored towards graduates who have been taught universal academic skills such as researching, analysing and interpersonal skills.

However, previous students have included 1st year Students and also those who have been in full-time or alternative work since graduating but were interested in a change to self-employment.

Do I need to have a degree in Marketing or Business?

This programme is specifically designed for a Marketing Graduate to become a Marketing Freelancer or Consultant.

If your course is related to a form of marketing, such as journalism/PR or graphic design, then you could certainly jump on board with us and learn how to go freelance in your chosen field as a specialist.

However, the programme isn’t set up to guide Graduates into other consultancy roles such as finance or HR.

I already have a freelance business, but I need to find clients and create structure. Can you help?

Yes! Stage 3 of the Marketing Mavericks programme is ready for those businesses who are set up and need to learn more about structure, accounts, IR35, GDPR and most importantly, looking after clients. 

Please contact us directly to have a chat.

Become Your Own Boss Today

Today is the day – become a Marketing Maverick!

Credits: Photo of female graduate in a red dress is by Rochelle Nicole and female graduate blowing glitter is by Clay Banks.