TikTok could be a great addition to your marketing strategy this year.

It's not just a platform with lots of people dancing to trends. It has accumulated over 1 billion users worldwide and businesses are taking it seriously as part of their marketing strategy.

TikTok made history in 2021, as the world’s most popular domain. It also became the 3rd largest social media platform, behind Facebook and Instagram.

TikTok had a considerable influence; helping the world through life during Covid-19.

There are loads of great examples:

  • Creators recorded themselves eating their lunches to support those eating alone during quarantine.
  • Simple 'things to do at home' were also popular, like whipped coffees.
  • Personal Trainers pivoted their businesses and shared workout routines.

Today, TikTok's unique algorithm helps creators reach their target audiences with a 'for-you' page that’s personalised to every user. In fact, their algorithm is the main factor that sets them apart from other social media platforms.

4 billion people are estimated to use social media worldwide. 1 billion are on TikTok alone! The UK’s user base is expected to reach nearly 17 million by 2024!

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TikTok's Unique Algorithm

A recent article from the New York Times explained TikTok's brilliant algorithm. It considers users’ likes, comments, and video information such as captions, sounds and hashtags. The platform even monitors the amount of time you spend watching every video.

This closely monitored system will create a multitude of benefits for your business, with TikTok automatically targeting customers with your content for you. While other platforms have similar methods, TikTok's constant monitoring captures potential new customers.

TikTok tips for your marketing strategy

· Be active, give users a reason to follow you

· Create content that fits your brand and contributes to your business’s goals. Don’t create content to “fit in” as it may not be right to target your customers!

· Use a more relaxed approach. Unlike Instagram, the need for perfectionism isn’t needed, of course, you can still reflect that if it fits with your brand, however, TikTok has a reputation for more casual content.

· Participate in TikTok challenges: this will not only increase your visibility but also be relatable to users. At the same time don’t take part in trends that don’t feel authentic to your brand, remember to let the algorithm do its thing!

· Post about your location. This will push your brand awareness, helping users find your business. It also creates content that is unique to your local area, being more relatable to users nearby.

· More recently, the platform expanded its Marketing Partners program allowing users to schedule their posts; making planning and posting much easier!

· Live subscriptions - another new feature! This allow followers who subscribe to gain additional benefits and perks that enables content creators to charge people for viewing their works.

· Use hashtags! #Smallbusiness has 67 billion views & #supportsmallbusinesses has 5 billion views!

Try and avoid using the same approach as Instagram:

Many companies adopt the same approach to TikTok for marketing strategy as Instagram.

While reels are similar, they are very different platforms. Especially their audience demographics.

  • Instagram’s largest audience share is 25-34 year olds (32% of the audience)
  • TikTok’s largest audience share is15-25 year olds (24% of the audience)

Additionally, Instagram users expect content to be more polished. TikTok offers realism, with users enjoying creativity and fun over perfectionism.

More recently, many users have begun using TikTok as a search engine, click here to read our blog post about using TikTok as a search engine!

Here are some benefits of TikTok for your business:

First off, TikTok has an amazing audience reach, with 1 billion active monthly users in 141 countries.

It’s become an attractive marketing platform for businesses. Especially those targeting a large audience with FMCG products under £50.

Additionally, customer engagement is exceptional, reporting the average user spends 858 minutes per month on the app!

Finally, with the creative opportunity it provides to your business, your brand is able to thrive, creating content that’s FUN.

It’s certainly a platform that welcomes a different perspective to social media marketing.

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