I recently took some time out of the office to attend The Think Inclusive Roadshow Nottingham. The opportunity developed my team and I's understanding of equality, diversity & inclusion in marketing. It was also amazing to speak to business owners exchanging our ideas. That’s what it’s all about; being open to new ideas and other people’s viewpoints!

The event really highlighted the importance of inclusivity and the impacts in the workplace.

What is Equality Diversity & inclusion?

  • Equality focuses on treating everybody fairly and eliminating prejudiced views.
  • Diversity is used to describe individual differences. Such as life experiences learning/working styles, and personality types. As well as social differences, race, socio-economic status, class, gender, sexual orientation, country of origin, ability, culture, & religion.
  • Inclusion puts diversity into practice. With the focus of ensuring differences are valued and everybody feels valued and respected.

Why Diversity & Inclusion will benefit my business:

  • Employees feel happier & healthier.
  • Customers feel respected.
  • Managers have greater access to talent and skillsets needed for the business.
  • Greater innovation and creativity: having employees from various backgrounds brings different perspectives. Employees feel valued and are more comfortable sharing ideas.
  • Loyal customers: D+I will have amazing impacts on your customers! If you are taking the time to understand their individual needs, they’ll value your business more.
  • Increased productivity: a no-brainer! Employee motivation will surge driving productivity through the roof. While D+I will have financial rewards. It goes without saying, don’t improve your company’s D+I solely for the purpose of improved profits.

The joy of business today is having a business that truly represents who you are. Society’s expectations of what makes a successful business doesnt have to be the benchmark. Be the change you need in the world!

How you can Improve Equality, Diversity & Inclusion for your Marketing:

A key takeaway from the Think Inclusive Roadshow: Small incremental changes make the biggest difference. Aim to avoid making comparisons to other company's. For example, while larger corporations may raise or invest into a minority group. Adapting your services to a client’s individual needs would have equal benefits. For example, asking clients/potential clients their pronouns.

  • Educate yourself & employees: acknowledge the lack of diversity and understand the areas that need work!
  • It’s okay if your business lacks diversity: take accountability and highlight the problems you see in your business. Employees & clients will respect you for taking accountability. The push for D+I is fairly new, which is why we’re attending events like this to further develop our understanding.
  • Don’t only consider the visual effect of D&I. Consider your company culture. Have you created a culture that allows employees to be themselves? Would they come forward if they were to be discriminated against by a client? You may need to fully adapt your culture or highlight issues with your team.
  • Diversity training: if you don’t want to take this on alone, you don’t have to! There are so many options available. Introduce your employees to training days or attending roadshows as I did. It’s an enjoyable day out and brilliant self-development. You may even find potential clients!
  • Increase the use of inclusive language: while it may seem like nothing. Using gender-neutral/inclusive terms in emails and contracts etc will make such a difference. Click here to access our inclusive language blog!
  • Celebrate all religions and cultures: ensure you respect and acknowledge different cultures’ holidays. For example, prayer rooms, or space available, if a potential client comes for a meeting this may be one of their needs. Make sure you highlight this to anyone visiting your office as they may be uncomfortable to ask. Aim to be inclusive!
  • Awareness days/months: take a look at our marketing calendars.

Here are some business that help improve your D+I:

Like anything new, it can be scary. You have invested so much into your brand. You may be afraid to make mistakes. Especially since cancel culture's at an all-time high. Mistakes happen as long as you have the right intention. However, with all the resources available, they can be easily stopped.