When I had my profile photos taken by Brett Trafford, we joked about some of the things people do on their LinkedIn profile photos, so Brett looked further into this and created a blog post entitled: Top Ten Profile Picture Mistakes, and here are my 5 favourites…

Blurred LinkedIn profile image

Avoid poor quality photos

If your image is low quality, blurred, under exposed, low resolution, pixellated or badly cropped, people may feel that your attention to detail is a bit, well, crap.

Which, rightly or wrongly, reflects what people think to your work too!

Poor LinkedIn profile image taken in the pub

Avoid photos of you socialising

Here’s Brett down the pub – why do some people do this?

Unless you’re trying to emulate Nigel Farage, then people may not take you as seriously with a pint in your hand.

So, save the food and drink shots for Facebook/Instagram. This is your first chance to tell people you’re professional.

Cheesy LinkedIn profile image

Avoid fancy photos

Face the camera and steer away from anything cheesy, arty, graphic or illustrated.

If that’s your field of work, it’s best to showcase that in your ‘Experience’ section or in a Post on LinkedIn.

Inappropriate LinkedIn profile image taken on wedding day

Avoid personal photos

If someone wants to do business with you, hire you or be employed by you, the family album can stay under wraps (until you get to Facebook friends territory!)

Hello Carolyn! 🙂

Out of date LinkedIn profile image

Avoid out-of-date photos

Brett didn’t look like this when he turned up to take my photo! No leather jacket, long hair or white beetle either. Be current and honest in your profile and there will be no surprises.