Websites and blogging

Your website is your virtual shopfront. It can signal hundreds of elements about your business before your customer interacts with you; such as the products you sell, the price points you offer,  your brand positioning and how professional your business appears to be.

Are you portraying your business in the best light online?

Does it really tell potential customers what you do, how much you charge and how they can get in touch with you?

Do you sell products online?

Are the photos clear, the descriptions full and the postage easy to understand? Can Customers leave feedback?

Blogging has replaced the face-to-face Shopkeeper/Customer ‘chit chat’ of yesteryear

Where we used to stand and chat for 10 minutes, it’s rare to walk into a high street store and talk directly with the staff about what’s new, what’s been popular this week and what trends are current. Instead we turn to our favourite brand’s blogs, or we listen to what Bloggers have to say about the subject.

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