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Good question, one I was asked yesterday by a Client who is trying to save time.

If you want the quick answer – click here.

If you want to mull it over a little, you need to make sure that a) this suits what your business is saying and b) the format you write suits both social media platforms.

Does it suit what I’m trying to say?

Yes, if you have short, sharp messages with no images and don’t need to be adding many hashtags. For example: ‘Beautiful new bracelets launch on our website today:’

Writing this on Facebook is fine to push to Twitter because it’s fuss free. But that’s just it, it’s ‘fine’ to post that onto Facebook but would be better with an image, which wouldn’t pull through to Twitter, and Twitter would prefer hashtags too, for bigger impact.

Also, if you have 140 characters in the Facebook post then it will all push through, whereas extra characters won’t be displayed on initial view. There are changes due shortly with Twitter, which reduce the amount of characters used by images and @names.

Does the format suit both social platforms?

Only you can decide this, because if you’re in an industry (eg Fashion) where a lot of hashtags can be used, and you want to be descriptive about a garment and include an image, then you may be better off posting singularly, within each platform, using Facebook style posts for Facebook and Twitter style posts for Twitter – funnily enough!

Or indeed you could use Hootsuite, with 3 elements for FREE – eg Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can then post all three messages at the same time, with different styles and schedule them all for times in the future too.

So, the easy way or the hard way, it’s up to you to decide what’s the best use of your time and the best way to tell the World your latest message.

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