No matter what type of business you run, there’s always a reason to hold (or take part in) events, which raise the profile if your business.

Events with Eventbrite
  • If you design and produce products, then create launch events for new lines, or ranges with demonstrations, product giveaways and info sheets.
  • If you offer a service, gather similar businesses to form a networking event, or ‘how to’ seminars.
  • If you have a shop, hold ‘Pop Up’ events either hosted by you or other businesses.
  • If your business is only online, hold a press event or invite your regular customers along to an event you create just for them.

All events increase your business touchpoints. They give you reasons to blog, take photos, send a press release and write copy for your website and social media.

Whether your event is FREE or charged for, you can create a profile here on Eventbrite and it will manage everything for you!