In June, our networking group (The WiRE Doves) got together at Beechenhill Organic Farm in the Peak District to discover the joys of Bonad painting, steered by Sue Prince, our very own Contemporary, British Folk Artist!

Setting up

Dove WiRE ladies making paint for Bonad painting

Before we got started on our group project, we needed to make the paint and have a little practice.

There’s a LOT of preparation for Bonad painting, so here’s Sue’s very own recipe for getting started with Bonad painting.

In a nutshell, artists prepare the canvas with homemade Gesso, make the pigment paste for the paint, prepare the egg yolk (the magic ingredient) and then prepare the image onto the canvas.

Luckily, Sue is the organised type and all the hard work was done, so she could do the ‘fun’ bits with us – ie popping the egg yolk!

The project

Our Network Leader, Lindsay Trevarthen had the genius idea for our group to make a canvas in the style of Bonad painting, for our WiRE Doves Facebook profile and the Derbyshire profile on the WiRE website.

Everyone submitted design ideas, paintings, drawings, inspirational words and Sue drew out the design onto the canvas.

The design has ladies holding hands crossing the famous Stepping Stones at Dovedale, with 4 doves at the top, and white bunting to hold the words WIRE DOVES.

All ladies rolled up their sleeves and got stuck in with the painting and as you can see, the outcome was just perfect. (Sue is adding the WIRE DOVES to the bunting, along with some Derbyshire hills in the background to show off our beautiful surroundings!)

Dove WiRE ladies Bonad painting
Dove WiRE ladies banner created using Bonad painting techniques

Take a look at Sue Prince’s portfolio here – there are squillions of paintings!

Find out more about the WiRE Doves networking group in Derbyshire.

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