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It’s usually the case, on a blog post, to talk about the things you DO know – your areas of expertise and knowledge.

In this case, I’ve noticed a gap… I don’t understand some ‘rather essential’ elements to a business surviving online in a world where Cyber Crime exists. So I’m going to address these questions at the EU Cyber Security Conference in Leeds next Tuesday, 18th October 2016.

#1 – First things first, what is Cyber Crime? I know it’s bad, it’s dark, it’s nasty people doing things online to make money or to make other people’s life unpleasant. But what is Cyber Crime, what are good examples of this happening to small businesses? What effect does it have on them financially and to their online systems?

#2 – How does a business know it has been targeted? Do they get a pretty ransom note with pictures and drawings? Are they unaware until they try to access a database and can’t log in?

#3 – Do you need to pay a ransom? If so, how? What are Bitcoins? What do you mean they don’t accept Tesco Clubcard vouchers or WHSmiths gift tokens as payment methods?

#4 – Is WordPress easy to hack? I keep hearing that it is, but if there’s no data stored in the back-end of the site, why would someone hack it in the first place?

#5 – What’s the difference between a virus, a Trojan, a worm and all the other names for these nasty things? What’s the best way to protect against them? Are they classes as Cyber Crime too?

#6 – Some of my Customers have started to use LastPass – How safe is this to use?

#7 – If I store a document on the iCloud, in Drop Box, or in a Google Doc, is it as rick from Cyber Crime?

#8 – How can I advise Small Business to protect themselves? And how much will it cost them?

I think it’s way too easy for small businesses to put their online protection to the bottom of the priority list.

There are so many ‘more important’ items to deal with, and quite rightly, cash flow, stock levels, recruiting staff etc are all very high priority, but overnight the priorities may change, an incident of Cyber Crime could wipe out the business all together.

“My mission is to know the risks, put these in front of my Customers, and set up a safety net of Cyber Security protection, and ‘what to do when xyz happens’ scenarios.”

Victoria Prince, Touchpoints Marketing.

On Tuesday’s EU Cyber Security conference, I may be THAT delegate standing up at the end of each presentation, asking a question after question until I have ticked off all of the above.

Look out for the next blog post with a full update!